Our mission is: to promote, protect and preserve the environment and the birds that inhabit it through education, advocacy and leadership.

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November 11, 2014
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OFFICERS - 2014-2016

Joyce Bryk, Co-President 516-621-6678

Jennifer Wilson-Pines,

Peggy Maslow,
Vice President

Belinda Nielsen,

Micheal Henahan,




    Evening Programs at the
    Manhasset Public Library

    30 Onderdonk Ave. at Northern Blvd. 7 p.m.
    Open to the public and free of charge
    Handicap accessible

    Membership meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the month.
    Bring your toner & ink cartridges or old cellphones
    to the membership meeting.
    Barbara Garriel will donate them to the green recycle program Recycle4Education to benefit the Wolf Conservation Center.

    Four Seasons of NY Birds
    Lloyd Spitalnik
    November 25

    Lloyd Spitalnik, an experienced nature photographer, invites us to join him in a photographic show, “Four Seasons of NY Birds.” Lloyd knows where all the “good” spots are for sighting and photographing these sometimes elusive characters of flight and will share these insights as well as bird photography ethics and just what goes into taking a goodnature photograph.

    There will be no December meeting.

    Double feature:
    Film: Birds of Paradise
    followed by a presentation on Climate Change
    by our Co-President Jennifer Wilson-Pines
    January 27th

    Enjoy a beautiful PBS special on the Birds of Paradise and how researchers went about filming these amazing birds displaying their fantastic mating behaviors and feather colors to attract mates!
    After the film, Jennifer will give us an update on the latest information on Climate Change and how this is affecting our feathered friends and us.


    Northern Nassau Christmas Bird Count
    Saturday, December 20, 2013

    It’s that time of year again when groups of experienced birders hit the trails and feeders to count as many birds as they can pound out in a 24 hour period. You will see us with binoculars in hand along roads, scouring beaches, parading through back yards (with permission of course) all in the name of the National Audubon Society annual Christmas Bird Count. You can find lots of neat information about this 100+ year old citizen science project on the NAS website so anything you ever wanted to know about winter bird activity is easily at your fingertips.

    If you consider yourself a good birder able to identify 75+ common species of bird and you have nothing better to do on December 20, give Mary Normandia a buzz and she’ll incorporate you into a designated area so you can help count and join in the fun. Not for the faint of heart. Bring lunch and be willing to car pool and get cold. The count circle starts around Manhasset Bay to the west, up through Lloyd Neck to the east, and down south into Westbury. The Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary in Oyster Bay Cove will host the compilation and covered dish dinner to follow. We are privileged to have North Shore, South Shore and Huntington Audubon Societies take part in this once a year event. Count starts at midnight on 12/20 and ends at dusk when we meet at the T.R. Sanctuary to warm up and brag.
    Call Mary Normandia at 516-965-2282, if you are interested or if you would simply like to report your backyard feeder birds into the totals.

    Count Areas

    Area 1 Port Washington to Manhasset
    Area 2 Roslyn to Garvies Point
    Area 3 Glen Cove to Lattingtown
    Area 4 Bayville
    Area 5 Mill Neck
    Area 6, 9, 10, 12 and 13 will be lead
    by the Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon Society.
    Area 8 Brookville
    Area 11 Muttontown Preserve.
    Area 14 in and around Stillwell Woods



    Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary
    134 Cove Rd., Oyster Bay (516) 922-3200

    Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary was founded in 1923. Today, through high-quality programs and a professional staff, TR provides natural science education to children and adults on Long Island and beyond. Most programs are family friendly, held at the Sanctuary. Call for fees and to reserve programs.

    Sat. Nov 8: Bird Walk at Old Westbury Gardens
    9:00 am. Ages 11+
    For more information: Lisa Reichenburger- lreichenberger@ 333-0048

    Fri. Nov 21: Owl Prowl
    6:30- 8:00 pm. Ages 8+.

    For more information: 516-922-3200,

    Garvies Point Museum & Preserve
    50 Barry Drive, Glen Cove 571-8010
    Closed Sunday & Mondays
    Movies, walks and gallery talks included with admission to the Museum. $3 adults, $2 children 5-12

    Nature Films Tues, Fri & Sat, check website for

    Workshops with pre-registration and fee required
    Sculpture Workshop - Thursdays 12:30 - 3:30pm
    Jewelry Workshop - Wednesdays 9:30-12:30, or 1-4

    Nov 22 and 23 Native American Feast.
    See announcement below

    Sat Dec 13 Natural Ornament workshop 11-2
    Make a keepsake using the bounty of the natural world.

    Native American Thanksgiving Feast
    Saturday & Sunday, November 22rd & 23th,
    10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Garvies Point Museum and Preserve
    50 Barry Drive, Glen Cove 571-8010

    When Thanksgiving is around the corner, it’s time for Garvies Point Museum’s Native American Thanksgiving Feast.
    Join our celebration of Northeastern Native American culture held annually the weekend before Thanksgiving.
    Participants will enjoy hands-on activities including pottery making, primitive fire-building and on-site cooking demonstrations with sampling, authentic Native American food displays and sampling, artifacts and tool technology, face painting with natural pigments, and use of the atlatl for spear throwing.
    Native American films will be shown hourly. Activities ongoing from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Fun for families, all ages welcome.
    Special program fee: $5.00 per person (under 5 free with adult)
    *No charge for current Friends members!
    Rain or shine, activities are indoors and outdoors.


    Wonderful Websites

    Birding Resources
    North Shore Audubon
    South Shore Audubon
    HOB Audubon
    Audubon NY
    LI Birding
    Garden City Bird Sanctuary
    American Bird Conservancy
    American Birding Association
    Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    Birding on the Net
    Injured Wildlife
    Volunteers For Wildlife
    STAR Foundation



    You've already joined - how about getting more involved?
    You don't need to be an expert birder to serve on a committee or on the Board.
    Are you good with computers, writing, meeting people, publicity or organizing?

    Our Board meetings are friendly and informal. We welcome your talent and time.
    Please call Peggy Maslow at 883-2130 or e-mail

    If you have not yet joined,
    Click here for membership application form

    President’s Message
    Jennifer Wilson-Pines

    National Audubon has recently released a Birds and Climate Change Report. You can see it here at http://climate. Using decades worth of research to predict trends, they found that of the 588 North American bird species studied, more than half are likely to be in trouble. The models indicate that 314 species will lose more than 50 percent of their current climatic range by 2080. If you look around the website, you can find state specific lists, and some of the birds on the New York list might surprise you, like Ring-billed gull, Mallard, American Redstart and Magnolia Warbler.

    Of the 314 species at risk from global warming, 126 of them are classified as climate endangered. These birds are projected to lose more than 50 percent of their current range by 2050. The other 188 species are classified as climate threatened and expected to lose more than 50 percent of their current range by 2080 if global warming continues at its current pace.

    Climate Change is no longer disputed by anyone with a decent understanding of the science. The recent IPCC report with a 97% expert consensus that global warming is human-caused is not proof, but the vast body of evidence available to the scientists who created the report does contain the proofs.




    Some of the more common denier myths. “The planet has undergone dramatic climate change before, you can’t prove it’s because of humans.” Yes it has, but those changes occurred on a geological time scale (over thousands of years), not in a timescale that can basically be traced to the gearing up of the industrial revolution. “We’re having a huge blizzard, where’s the global warming?” Climate change means more extremes in weather patterns, which we have already experienced. No, we can’t really predict where and when these events will strike outside of short time periods but the trend is real.

    If you want to be prepared with rebuttals to these and many more myths, or to find out why they are myths, go to talking-points-with-links-to-the-full-climate-science/

    A few odds and ends - our annual appeal letter should have arrived in your mailbox. We appreciate your generous donations. Remember we are an all volunteer organization, so we stretch your contribution to the maximum - no hidden costs. You’ll notice the huge list of field notes in this issue; it was a good fall migration with some rarities like a Western Kingbird and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher recorded. If you are feeling confident about your birding skills, make this the year to join the Xmas count. It’s a fun day and you never know what you may find.



    Walks are for beginners and experienced birders alike.
    Weather permitting, walks start at 9:30 AM unless indicated otherwise.
    If in doubt, please call the trip leader.
    Please note: all phone numbers are area code 516 unless otherwise indicated.
    In most cases, the contacts are also leaders for the respective walks.
    Go to our website at directions.
    We would like to encourage carpooling, where possible.

      Sat 11/1 Jamaica Bay NWR Lenore Figueroa 718-343-1391  
      Wed 11/5 Point Lookout (SE corner of parking lot)
    Lido Beach Preserve
    Steve Schellenger 516-987-8103  
      Sat 11/8 Massapequa Preserve (LIRR parking lot) Joyce Bryk 621-6678  
      Wed 11/12 Jones Beach Coast Guard Station Ralph Matragrano 785-3375  
      Sat 11/15 Stehli Beach (west end of Bayville) Lindy Nielsen 628-1315  
      Wed 11/19 Nassau Fine Arts Museum, Roslyn Peggy Maslow 883-2130  
      Sat 11/22 North Shore Duck Walk
    (meet at Macy's in Manhasset)
    Jennifer Wilson-Pines 767-3454  
      Sat 12/20 North Shore Christmas Bird Count Mary Normandia 965-2282  


    Meet at the destination at 9:30 a.m.
    Wendy Murdach is the non-leader.
    Call if you need: 546-6303


      December     1/21 Belmont Lake State Park  
      12/3 Target Rock NWR, Huntington   1/28 Mill Pond Park,Wantagh  
      12/10 Twin Lakes \, Wantaugh   February    
      12/17 Gerry Park and Cedarmore, Roslyn   2/4 Stehli Beach, Bayville  
      12/20 Sat. Christmas Count; call 965-2282   2/11 Planting Field Arboretum  
      12/24 Garvies Point Preserve, Glen Cove   2/18 Mill Pond Park, Wantagh  
      12/31 No walk   2/25 Jones Beach Coast Guard Station  
      January     March    
      1-7 Caleb Smith State Park, Smithtown   3/4 Kissena Park, Queens  
      1/14 Point Lookout   3/11 Hempstead Lake State Park  



    These programs are held on Tuesdays at the the Manhasset Public Library, 30 Onderdonk Avenue, Manhasset, unless otherwise stated, at 7 p.m.

    October 28 Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Don Riepe
    November 25 Four Seasons of NY Birds Lloyd Spitalnik
    January 27 Film: Birds of Paradise Jennifer Wilson-Pines