Our mission is: to promote, protect and preserve the environment and the birds that inhabit it through education, advocacy and leadership.


In addition to its affiliation with the national organization, North Shore Audubon Society, in conjunction with two other chapters, has until recently managed the operation of the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Nature Center, and continues to participate in its activities, now that New York Audubon has taken over its operation.

Our cooperation with the Garvies Point Museum and Preserve has been strengthened recently by the adoption of the preserve by North Shore Audubon Society. This will result in further cooperation between the museum and the chapter, and with extensive chapter participation during preserve improvements and habitat restoration efforts.

North Shore A.S. also conducts frequent, joined field trips with the Queens County Bird Club. In addition to our joint field trips, this club conducts many other interesting activities.

There are other Audubon chapters on Long Island, each serving a different area. The chapters coordinate some activities by means of a Long Island Audubon Council and via New York Audubon.

We are also a member of the New York State Ornithological Association, which collects important information about our state's birds and publishes in "The Kingbird".

Eastern Long Island Audubon Society
Four Harbors Audubon Society
Great South Bay Audubon Society
Huntington Audubon Society
New York City Audubon Society
North Fork Audubon Society
South Shore Audubon Society

Other environmental organizations of particular interest to Long Islanders are:
The Nature Conservancy's support website,
Save The Sound,
New York State Ornithological Society,
Long Island Birding,
Environmental Advocates and
Long Island Sound Study.

To help you be an informed voter,
the League of Conservation Voters keeps track of the voting records of members of Congress.
Finally, you can make direct contact with the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, your President, the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly.


Queens County Bird Club

The Queens County Bird Club is a local bird club serving the community of Queens and nearby areas. It is independent and is not affiliated with the National Audubon Society. Many members find advantages to joining both organizations, and several field trips are shared between the two organizations.

For further information, contact:
Queens County Bird Club
c/o Alley Pond Environmental Education Center
228-06 Northern Boulevard
Douglaston, NY 11363-1890


Garvies Point Museum and Preserve

Garvies Point Museum and Preserve is located in Glen Cove. It covers 62 acres and is composed of two former estates, the Appleby and Garvie properties. The Preserve runs along Hempstead Harbor and inland near Glen Cove creek. Nassau County acquired the properties for the purpose of a decentralized natural history museum and preserve in 1963. At the north end of the property, adjacent to McLoughlin Street, fresh water springs upwell in several locations. In the late 1960s, a small fresh water pond was constructed by digging out a basin and damming the down sloping side. This pond and the springs attract considerable wildlife during migration.
For further information, contact the Garvies Point Museum and Preserve at 516-571-8010


Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center

The Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary is the oldest sanctuary owned by the National Audubon Society. Located on property donated by the Roosevelt family, adjoining the cemetery in which President Theodore Roosevelt lies buried, the Sanctuary today operates as an educational institution for the teaching of environmental education. A full-time teaching staff currently serves 60,000 students per year by conducting classes on-site to children brought in from local schools, and by lectures at those institutions. Live animals are often used. The Sanctuary also has a modest number of nature trails to enjoy, and a library.
The Sanctuary is managed by Audubon New York,a division of the National Audubon Society.
For further information, contact Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary at 516-922-3200.